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In the first episode of the podcast #ECA Survival, Derek Dunne observed that completing the PhD wasn't crossing a finish line so much as it felt like permission to start. Patrick Gray qualified with the thought that in many ways a career in academia is cruelly front-loaded where the first few years are particularly important in establishing a research agenda and building publication momentum. As the economic shape of higher education evolves in the US and UK, it is imperative that early-career academics have access to funding in order to practicably and materially survive the transition period from student to professional.
While much of the popular advice about this transition centers around issues of self-presentation, infrequently are the mechanics of financing this kind of work addressed. No doubt this is in part due to the fact that funding apparatus vary by discipline, institutional status, and country, but it is also likely that a classed positionally regarding money's relationship to a vocation also negatively impacts early-career researchers (especially those from working-class backgrounds) from having the conversation.
The following list responds to the limited conversation around financially surviving in academia, as well as participates in a digital resource sharing movement of mutual mentorship recently gaining ground. For example, Claire M.L. Bourne keeps a list of digital research resources for early plays on page and stage, while Brett Greatley-Hirsch maintains deeply annotated lists of book series and journals relating to medieval and early modern studies, book history, and literary history. In this spirit of mutual mentorship, this list (first developed as a five-part blog series in early 2019) includes funding sources available for scholars of Renaissance literature—with a focus on early modern drama—divided into relative period of a “typical” career trajectory:
Please, if you know of or have yourself won any awards, fellowships, grants or others kinds of support for your research and writing net yet listed here, do let me know.

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