Recommendation Letters

Looking to ask for a letter of recommendation? Here are some things to consider.

What are they?

Recommendation letters are frequently asked for when applying for scholarships, internships, employment, or a graduate program. Depending on the purpose, former teachers, employers, supervisors, spiritual leaders, and sometimes even friends can write a letter providing specific examples of your strengths as a candidate, what a company or program would have to gain from your inclusion, and to what extent they believe you are capable of meeting or completing the expectations of the opportunity to which you apply.

Consider varying the kinds of individuals who write on your behalf; you should believe them to have a unique perspective on your capabilities as well as willing and able to speak in detail.

How do I ask for one?

The best way to enquire about a letter of recommendation is stopping by my office hours and/or sending me an email. I will request that you meet face-to-face so I can understand the context in which you are applying and to what strengths I might speak.

In order for me to write a letter on your behalf, you must have

  • taken at least one course from me,
  • earned at least a B in the course and/or on major assignments,
  • met with me at least once outside of formal class sessions,
  • made the request three to four weeks before the deadline,
  • and waive your rights to access the letter.

What do I need?

Once you have made your request and I’ve agreed, you will need to

  • schedule to meet with me to discuss your plans and application,
  • email me an updated version of your résumé or CV,
  • email me submission instructions and deadline information.